Demo 2009

by The Cold Front

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released October 1, 2009

Recorded with Alex Estrada @ Earth Capital Studios.
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The Cold Front Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Two Faced
I can see right through your apathetic disguise. Your heart once filled with love now contaminated lies. Head filled with emotion, and it’s got me on my knees. Continuing regression, it’s a cancerous disease. Rain on me with all the things you’ve held so firmly tight, as you turn your head and walk away without the will to fight. I’ve seen your words of self-disgust disguise and mask your beauty, and put to shame the things you love and views you held so truly. Reveal your true self so the masses can see. A person of hate, distrust, and apathy.
Track Name: The Heavy Heart
This pressure pushing down on me is wearing me fucking thin. I’ve seen this dreadful place before and I can survive it once again. This rage is taking over me as it pulses through my veins. But images of defiant systems are what my mind contains. Confide in me your darkest fears and insecurities.
We’ll break these chains of self-indulgence, conformity, and greed. They try to chain me down by feeding me their lies.
But they wont get the best of me, its time for us to rise.
Track Name: Scene
We live in a world where definition means everything.
Possessing comfort in self-defiant social scenes.
From jocks to punks,
to hipsters and geeks,
the druggie fools and the slumlord freaks,
searching for acceptance while the world repeats
the endless cycle of boring beats.
They put their labels on me but what are we really?
Have we been reduced to a fucking category?
Its not who I am its simply what you choose to see…
The constant feeling of insecurity.
Track Name: Giving In
Searching, hurting, I’ve lost myself again. Searching, hurting this desperation’s sinking in. What happened to this place of refuge? And to think I once called this place home. I feel I have misplaced myself again. Surrounded by people with a chest full of words to offend. Tell me how did we let it get like this? And what will it take for these people to fucking resist, their fucking lies. Self-progression and motivation traded for blinded eyes. Procrastination of seeking action as we watch our own demise.