Alone EP

by The Cold Front

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Recorded by Alex Estrada @ The Earth Capital, Los Angeles CA


released September 29, 2012



all rights reserved


The Cold Front Long Beach, California

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Track Name: Sanctum
I walk the halls of darker days wondering what’s become of me.
The same stench and paint stains that kept my mind from sleep.
I left this place with no intention of coming back,
but still i find my empty hands searching for the love they lack.

I spent my life searching for a place to hide.
Searching for a place to rest my tired eyes
But where were you when i needed you the most.
You weren’t there.

I thought you were the one.

I thought you were my sanctuary.
I thought you were my fucking home,
But i’m still alone.

So when i finally turn my back on you,
When my feet find the strength to pull through and walk away.
Don’t put the fucking blame on me, just leave me alone.
Leave me alone.
Track Name: Alone
It started from day one as i entered this world as a failing son.
a stolen truth from a cheating liars tongue. a faint breath from my dirty lungs.
And when you turned my retreating words against me, I should have never fled.
But when all you know is to pull the blinds on the sun, I chose to run instead.

And i try to forget the scars they left on me,
buried deep inside just like a rooting seed.
There is no fucking truth in the youth that I was shown
Hanging crosses on the walls just to call it a home.

For what? A life of secrets and stitched up lies.
Tearing at the fabric of the lives that we hide.
Dragging skeletons on my broken feet.
The blue prints of what I never wanted to be.


So what more does this fucking world want from me?
I gave life to a dead root, prayed to gods, and stole from fucking thieves.
But just like the sins being counted on rosary beads,
I’m just as guilty, as the blood that you and I fucking bleed.
So get off your knees and start living.
Find faith in the air that your breathing in.

Stop folding your hands, its not worth it.
There is no martyr to this dying world.